Barr Delays Facebook From Encrypting Messages


Barr coordinated with Australia and Britain to delay Facebook from encrypting its messaging services.

The U.S. Attorney General, William Barr has recently taken action to delay Facebook’s efforts to further encrypt its messaging services.

The delay was due to a signed letter that also had the signatures of Barr’s British and Australian legal counterparts. Barr has emphasized that further encryption would obstruct future investigations and thus harm public safety and the American people.

“Companies cannot operate with impunity where lives and the safety of our children is at stake, and if Mr. Zuckerberg really has a credible plan to protect Facebook’s more than two billion users it’s time he let us know what it is,” Mr. Barr’s letter says.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, still believes that there is value in further encrypting Facebook’s messaging services. Zuckerberg believes that any con is outweighed by the benefits of stronger privacy to users.

Despite these actions from the Justice Department, there does not seem to be any coordinated action from either political party in supporting the Justice Department’s efforts. Neither Republicans nor Democrats have drafted any legislation that would let the government access encrypted messages.

“How is Facebook to blindly distinguish what governments are to be permitted backdoor access to whichever conversations?” said Alec Muffett, a former Facebook engineer.

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