ApplePay is Now Allowing Spending With Cryptocurrencies


On Tuesday, it was reported that ApplePay users will now be able to spend with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

To facilitate these payments with cryptocurrencies, ApplePay users will need to download the BitPay app. The BitPay wallet can be added to both Apple Wallet and Apple Pay. BitPay also works with Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Following the news Bitcoin, the most followed and largest cryptocurrency by market cap briefly broke past $50,000. BitPay also works with other cryptocurrencies such as the second-largest by market capitalization, Ethereum.

According to BitPay, anyone can apply for a BitPay card to start using crypto as a spending tool. Approval is a process that takes a matter of seconds and a virtual card is authorized not long after. A physical card typically arrives in a couple of weeks and allows users to convert crypto into cash or spend at any retail store in the United States.

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