Apple To Face Shareholder Scrutiny For Removing Apps


Apple is set to face scrutiny from shareholders for removing an app that aided protestors in Hong Kong.

At the next annual shareholder meeting, shareholders are expected to demand an explanation behind the removal of the app as well as an explanation as to how Apple decides whether or not to remove apps at the request of international governments.

This conversation was catalyzed by the advocacy work of SumOfUs, which worked to protect consumer rights. Particular members of SumOfUs are also Apple shareholders.

"By complying with the government of China's regime, Apple is aiding the brutal repression of Uyghurs, Tibetans and other rights activists," Sondhya Gupta, a senior campaigner at SumOfUs, said.

Apple has a history of removing apps, with little explanation. For example, in July, Apple revealed that during the last six months of 2018, the company had decided to remove more than 600 apps because of requests from international governments. Additionally, more than 80% of these apps where removed from consumers in China.

HKMap Live was the app removed by Apple that played a role in the Hong Kong protests. The app allowed users to track the location of police officers in a particular area. The app was meant to allow individuals to avoid risky and violent confrontations between protestors and the police.

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