Analysis Shows Great Disparity in Owner-Occupied Homes - Whites vs. All Others

Abel Uribe/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images


A LendingTree study by found white Americans make up 59% of the population and own 73% of the owner-occupied homes.

LendingTree published an analysis of their data Tuesday. It looked at how much race affects homeownership rates in the 50 largest US metro areas. The gap found in this study speaks to an issue of racial inequality that extends beyond just the home-buying industry.

The gap between the population of white Americans and the amount of homes owned by white Americans is the widest in the New York metro area where they own around 67% of the area's owner-occupied homes, but make up just 47% of the area's population. Other major culprits San Diego, 65% of owner-occupied homes, but make up just 46% of the area's population and Phoenix, 75% of owner-occupied homes, but make up just 56%% of the area's population. The smallest gaps included Pittsburgh and Cincinnati.

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