An Unidentifiable Data Breach Exposed Information on 22 Million People


Personal data on 22 million people was exposed by an unidentifiable source.

An Australian security expert reported that personal data on 22 million people was exposed in a data breach by an unknown source, according to Daily Mail.

The security breach was called "db8151dd," according to researcher Troy Hunt. Private information such as emails, phone numbers, addresses, and job titles was exposed. However, Hunt hasn't been able to determine who started the server, even with the help of security service Dehashed. Dehashed approached Hunt with the server when it suspected that it might expose personal information on unconsenting individuals.

Furthermore, there isn't any knowledge of where the information came from. Most of the data could have been retrieved from social media platforms. Although, some information contained on the server wasn't available on social media. Hunt's own phone number and one of his recent contacts was contained in the server. " record was immediately next to someone else I've interacted with in the past as though the data source understood the association," Hunt said.

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