Amid Brexit Trade Relations Between U.K. And Europe Are Unsettled


As Brexit moves forward, businesses in Scotland worry over the future of trade relations with Europe.

Although the United Kingdom will officially leave the European Union after the 31st of January, there are still a lot of undecided details that will strongly impact lives. Exactly how trade will work between the U.K. and Europe is still up in the air and that is impacting the business practices of organizations in the U.K.

For example, whiskey producers in Scotland are unsure how their product will be treated in the European Union. However, how the dust settles on treatment of whiskey is important since it is Scotland’s largest export. Additionally, half of the U.K.’s exports go to Europe. If trade rules are not established, drops in trade between the U.K. and Europe will result in drops in jobs.

Additionally, talks about Scottish independence have also resurged. Currently, the Scottish National Party is the ruling party in Scotland. The platform that fueled their initial rise to power in 2011 was founded on working towards Scottish independence. In the wake of uncertainty after Brexit, separatist sentiments have strengthened.

“It’s been very hectic,” Antony McCallum, a whiskey producer, said. “We don’t know what rules will apply. There is no clarity. I’m going to wait for more certainty, until I know I can trade freely within Europe.”

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