Americans that were aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship will be quarantined in the U.S. for an additional 14 days.

The Diamond Princess cruise ship experienced an outbreak of the coronavirus. Passengers were kept on the ship as both the Japanese government and other countries determined how to move forward with preventing the spread of the virus. Passengers of the cruise ship have spent almost two weeks on the cruise ship.

However, the Americans on the ship have now disembarked. Americans were tested to see if they had contracted coronavirus. Those that had tested negative were put on buses headed to Tokyo’s airport and were boarded on one of two flights. The flights were organized by the State Department and were headed to either Sacramento, California or Texas. Both flights are headed to Air Force bases in each particular region.

The quarantine started on February 5th and there were 380 Americans aboard the Diamond Princess. The Americans that tested positive were taken to hospitals throughout Tokyo. The U.S. took action in evacuating its passengers because the conditions of the ship were not equipped to carry out a large-scale quarantine and the virus was still spreading among passengers.

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