Amazon To Work With Lady Gaga Startup, Haus Laboratories


The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon is partnering with Lady Gaga’s new beauty collection, Haus Laboratories. Although Haus Laboratories had originally intended to sell its products online directly to consumers, the startup began to discuss the possibility of a deal with Amazon last year.

In the past, prestige marketers have been reluctant to sell their products on Amazon, as they do not want to lose their image or brand experience. If Amazon has success with Haus Laboratories, other prestige marketers could follow suit.

Ben Jones, the chief executive at Haus, said: “Gaga’s feeling was she wanted to bring a really high-quality product at a price affordable for her consumers and fans and wanted to make sure she was able to get the product to her people throughout the world. We feel comfortable with how we’re going to be positioned, not only for launch but the foreseeable future in our relationship with them.”

Amazon has never before dealt with a celebrity beauty brand, but they will begin to take preorders during Amazon’s two-day Prime Day promotion.

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