Amazon Is Working To Ensure Unsafe Products Removed From Site


After facing scrutiny for allowing unsafe products to be sold on its site, Amazon is working to address the issue.

Amazon is expanding its efforts to ensure that counterfeit items are not sold on its platform.

This recent move is aimed at maintaining consumer trust in the company. Additionally, there has been increased attention at the number of unsafe or counterfeit items that are sold on Amazon. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that over 4,000 items categorized as unsafe by federal agencies are easily available on the platform.

Currently Amazon spends $400 million a year and maintains a staff of 5,000 people dedicated towards ensuring that safe products are sold through the company.

“We have to be vigilant and willing to spend hundreds of millions and eventually billions of dollars to protect our customers,” said Jeff Wilke, Amazon’s chief executive of world-wide consumer.

Amazon continues to face scrutiny from antitrust regulators. More specifically, regulators are worried that Amazon both as a seller of its own products while also managing an online sales platform could lead to monopolistic behaviors. However, Amazon has asserted that they only use customer data to recommend products to buy in a way that doesn’t preference Amazon’s products. Additionally Wilke has maintained that Amazon does not hold majority market share in a variety of industries.

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