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The acquisition will give Alexion access to Andexxa, an anticoagulant-reversing drug that brought Portal $105 million in profits last year, according to Boston Business Journal. Portola was acquired at a premium, whose shares were valued at $7.76 per share before the acquisition was announced. Since the announcement, Portola’s shares have increased by 130% but Alexion’s shares have dropped 4% in value.

Some are skeptical that Alexion will be able to leverage Portola’s rare disease drugs into further profitability given its high cost.

"The case for the deal rests on Alexion's ability to better-commercialize an expensive hospital product through its network of hospital-based physicians and deep payer relationships," Stifel analyst Paul Matteis said.

Alexion has made other acquisitions in the past year at high price tags. Last year the pharmaceutical company bought Achillion Pharmaceuticals for $930 million. However, Achillion had a pre-existing relationship with Alexion as the developer of a companion drug to Alexion’s Soliris drug. The acquisition of Portola is expected to be finalized during the third quarter of this year.

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