Agricultural Startup Plenty Faces Scrutiny For Unsafe Work Conditions


Plenty is under fire for failing to deliver on its business promises and putting its workers at risk.

Plenty, an agriculture startup, has acquired investments from Jeff Bezos and Softbank but is not delivering on its promised outcomes.

Plenty is trying to revolutionize the way we conceive standard agricultural practices. This means putting farms indoors and constructing vertical towers for their crops. The goal is to ensure that agricultural practices not only have less environmentally damaging impact but that the food also has a longer shelf life.

However, despite the company’s promise with its successful fundraising rounds, the company has not lived up to its touted expectations. Workers have complained about unsafe practices in the company.

For example, workers have repeatedly said that there are consistent leaks in the agricultural infrastructure and that these leaks are usually near wires. Consequently, employees are worried about electrocution. Additionally, the company has focused on research and development meaning that there have been many indoor agricultural models that have not been successful and have posed danger to workers.

Despite these setbacks, Plenty has been very vocal about their ambitions. They currently have one indoor facility but hope to open another one in Los Angeles. There are also ambitions to start farms abroad. The goal is to have these indoor farms on the outskirts of most major cities.

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