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Fidelity Investments, like many other businesses, don't advertise online near controversial content, according to an article at The Wall Street Journal.

Fidelity has a blacklist of words that if the word appears in the title of an article their ad won’t be placed with the article. This list contains over 400 words and includes words like “bomb,” “immigration,” “racism,” and “Trump.”

News organizations are having difficulty placing ads from Fidelity and other companies that use this tactic because the list is so exhaustive.

Keeping Fidelity ads away from articles with these words isn’t easy because ads usually target specific customers instead of specific sites. Companies have been burned several times because their ads appear next to offensive content, fake articles, hateful videos, or pornographic content.

If someone in Fidelity’s target market is reading fabricated articles, Fidelity’s ad would come up next to it if not for this blacklist and other moves that keep their ads away from these sites.

“Political stories are, regardless of party affiliation, not relevant to our brand,” a Fidelity spokesman said in a written statement.

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