Impossible Foods, the California company made famous by Burger Kings meatless Whopper, is developing alternatives to seafood like a plant-based substitute for fish or fish grown from cells, according to The New York Times.

They are focused on giving consumers alternatives to meat products for vegetarians and flexitarians, people who want to reduce meat consumption without becoming fully vegetarian.

The projects are based on using heme, a protein that it uses for its meat creations. Impossible Food’s 124 person research and development team has plans to create a replacement for every animal-based food on the market by 2035. We will see if the market of flexitarians will embrace a fish alternative. Flexitarians are not necessarily motivated by a desire to save the planet, but a desire to eat healthier.

While many claim that these meat alternatives are just as unhealthy with similar levels of fat and salt as normal meat, others claim they are reducing their risk of cancer by decreasing meat consumption. Impossible Foods is focused more on helping to save the planet rather than offering a healthy alternative to meat.

They believe commercial fishing is stripping the oceans of fish and destroying the ecosystem. The pollution from cows is another problem for the environment caused by meat consumption.

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