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Betting against energy companies and for big tech, RiverPark Ventures’ Mitch Rubin has proved to be one of few stock pickers on Wall Street with a successful year, according to Business Insider. While the stock market experienced harsh volatility, Rubin’s RiverPark Long/Short Opportunity Fund had investors receiving returns of 26 percent. Now, Rubin does not recommend to short stocks. Rubin spoke to Business Insider, and said, “We still believe the market, even though it's had this big run, has an upward bias. We've kept our long book pretty much intact and covered most of our shorts.”

Speaking on the current state of the market, Rubin said, “There's still a tremendous amount of damage out there for businesses that even though they may be secularly disadvantaged, they're all reopening and getting marginally better now. Shorting into that is often a great way to give back all your gains.”

While normally investing 2 to 1 in long positions, Rubin is currently at 3 to 1 because he feels its a bad time to short stocks. The major themes of Rubin’s portfolio are:

Long Positions

  1. High-growth tech
  2. Alternative asset managers
  3. Defense contractors
  4. Med Tech

Short Positions

  1. Leveraged laggards
  2. Real estate
  3. Cable and advertising
  4. Big-box retail

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