The majority of new tech jobs are springing up in five American cities.

More specifically, 90% of those jobs are occurring in these five specific cities. Those five cities are: Boston, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and San Jose. The time period that job growth was analyzed included jobs created during 2005 through 2017.

In the other 377 cities in the U.S., only 10% of job growth in the tech industry occurred there. Research that found these conclusions was conducted by the Brookings Institution and the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation.

“The superstar places are becoming extremely expensive, choked with traffic and struggling with big social costs like inequality gone wild and homelessness,” Mark Muro from the Brookings Institution said.

Individuals in the tech industry find the agglomeration of resources within specific American cities very useful. Agglomeration allows for the easy exchange of ideas and the faster progression of technology.

Major cities that are not focusing on the job growth in the tech industry fall at risk of a shrinking economy.

“Whole portions of the nation may now be falling into ‘traps’ of underdevelopment,” the report said.

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