5 Home Projects to Add Curb Appeal In a Competitive Housing Market


The housing market can be very competitive depending on the state, here are 5 ways to add curb appeal to your home.

The curb appeal of your home is very important. Maybe you live in an area with a homeowners association where you have to meet certain standards or you may be fined. Perhaps you want to improve the look of your home to increase its value for a potential sale. Or, you could simply want to be proud of the appearance of your home and want it to be in the best shape possible to reflect well on you.

Whatever your reason for wanting to increase your curb appeal, there are many simple ways that you can make this happen that don't involve a lot of time or cost.

Pick a few and see how a few easy measures can make an immediate difference by upping your curb appeal and making her home more visually appealing and the envy of all of your neighbors.

Lawn Care

The lawn is one of the first things that people notice when they drive by or come to your home. If your lawn is not well kept, this can reflect badly on you and make the whole overall appearance of your home be skewed to the negative. Even if you have a perfectly maintained house and other buildings, an overgrown or weed-filled yard can immediately make it look messy and uncared for.

Regular lawn maintenance is important to keep the appeal of your home strong. In addition to mowing your lawn and keeping it free of debris, you may want to look into lawn aeration. This is a valuable procedure that involves poking holes in the lawn to allow it to breathe. The soil is broken up to allow the air and nutrients to get through your lawn so it grows better.

Aeration can sometimes be done on your own if the case isn't too severe by poking holes in the soil or you may need a professional if your lawn hasn't been treated in a while.If you live in Pittsburgh, consider hiring a Lawn aeration Pittsburgh service for your lawn. The professionals that can come in and gauge the extent of the situation and recommend the best steps to care for your lawn.


In addition to your lawn, special care should be taken with your landscaping. Trees and shrubs add instant appeal to your home but they need to be regularly trimmed and cared for. Proper maintenance and cutting also help them to grow properly.

Trees can sometimes develop diseases that can infect other nearby trees. By doing regular trims and paying close attention to any irregularities in your trees, you can treat them promptly which will help prevent the spread of any disease.

Flowers are another great addition to your home that adds charm and pops of color. Make your home stand out and look more inviting by adding some flowerbeds to your yard, around your house, or surrounding trees. As an alternative, you can keep your flowers in containers by placing planters around and even using window boxes.

Front Door and Shutters

The front door of your house is the gateway to your home and one of the main focuses of the look of your home. Improve how your home looks by giving your front door a quick facelift with a new coat of paint.

Painting your door a color that contrasts and stands out from the rest of your home will draw attention and make your home unique and welcoming.

You may also want to give your shutters a makeover. Replace any that are broken or missing and give them all some fresh paint. These may seem like small aspects of your home but they provide the finishing touches that make it look put together. Adding some color to the appearance of your home is a great way to boost curb appeal.


The lights that you have on your porch may seem like a small thing but can add a great impact to your home. Consider installing a decorative light fixture to add charm and interest.

You can even choose to line your driveway or sidewalk with decorative solar lights. They add a decorative element and having a lighted walkway can come in handy.

Welcoming Seating

Finally, you may want to include a swing or seating on your porch or deck area. This gives your home a cozy feel and makes it more welcoming to guests.

Outdoor seating is great for relaxing while getting some fresh air, or socializing with family, friends, and neighbors.

Any of these options can help you to improve the curb appeal of your home. And they are just a few suggestions to get you started. Be creative and see what unique ideas you can come up with to beautify your home.

Many of these improvements are simple and can be done yourself. Consider doing a few of them this summer so you can not only enhance the visual look of your home but its value as well.


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