4 Ways to Boost Your Company’s Online Presence


Improving Your Online Business Presence to Boost Your Investments

In today’s tech savvy world, digital marketing is all the rage. Many businesses are leveraging this method to grow, build revenue and attract new leads. Traditional marketing still works wonders in building brand awareness and getting your name out there, but so many consumers are using the internet to learn about brands, so it makes sense to build an online presence to create touchpoints in the buyer’s journey.

How can you boost your company’s online presence? There are many things you can do to make your company more detectable on the web.

1. Boost SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to boost your online presence and make your company more visible online. SEO involves just what its name suggests – optimization for the search engines. This means that you’re building your site in a way that appeals to the search engines.

Unfortunately, search engines can’t understand and interpret content the way humans do. Instead, they use algorithms to read content and understand its relevance. As a result, content creators like you should add code to help search engines figure out the content of your webpages. This type of code includes:

  • Meta descriptions
  • Title tags
  • Header tags
  • Image alt tags
  • External links with anchor text

These are crucial to implement on your site because they add code that search engines can understand. This is what allows them to categorize your content and show relevant search results to users. Other important SEO elements include keywords, backlinks, site speed and user experience. These elements signal to search engines that your website has relevant and quality content that provides visitors with a positive user experience.

I like using an agency to help with my SEO since it can get complicated really fast. Using a local place like an SEO Agency in Dallas would be a great place to look so you can take part in all of the discussions about ideas and goals.

2. Optimize for Mobile

Did you know that search results on desktop can be different from those on mobile? This means that if you create a webpage on desktop and don’t optimize it for mobile devices, that webpage may not rank in search on mobile. Optimizing your site for mobile devices is very important to increase your online presence. There are many ways you can make your site accessible on mobile. For example, you can use a more responsive theme so that it loads and shows up better on mobile devices.

Another way to improve the mobile user experience is to make navigation easier by altering page design. This will make it easier for users on mobile to browse the page. Images are another element you want to optimize for mobile users because they often show up differently on mobile devices than they do on desktop. Images need to be optimized to render correctly on smaller screens.

3. Be Active on Social Media

Having a social media account will not only help you engage with your followers, but it’ll also further build your online presence. That’s because you can post links to your website and share your thoughts on social media. Having social media accounts in addition to a company website will boost your traffic potential and create multiple touchpoints for your customers.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and/or LinkedIn will provide you with an audience you can leverage to visit your website and become brand advocates to refer others to your business. The more people know about your website, the larger your online presence.

4. Pay for Online Advertising

Online ads provide an avenue for you to get your brand out there to the masses online. Whether you’re using search engine ads or social media ads, you’ll be able to make your company more visible online. The great thing about pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is you don’t have to wait for your site to rank. These ads show up regardless of your standing with the search engines, meaning that your website is guaranteed to reach users online.

Building a strong online presence involves having a variety of touchpoints for customers. They need to be able to reach you on multiple platforms.


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