20 Year Old Genius Creates Privacy Company Backed by Silicon Valley's Top VCs


Evervault, a privacy start-up, headed by a 20 year old founder, raises $16 million in Series A round.

20-year-old Dublin native Shane Curran has received $16m in a Series A investment from some of Silicon Valley’s prestigious US venture capital firms. Curran was awarded the funding for his data privacy startup, according to a report by Independent.ie.

Evervault, Curran’s creation, hosts networks of hardware-secured data processing ‘enclaves’ which allow developers to store their applications in privacy ‘cages’. The information is then able to be processed securely and without changes to developers’ software.

Curran says that his startup is aiming to replicate the GDPR guidelines into coding.

“This is conceptually simple, but operationally complex. We’re building cages alongside specific companies which handle extremely sensitive data. Think location data, banking data, payments data, kids’ data, health data and more. At Evervault, we believe that data privacy isn’t a regulatory problem; it’s a technology problem.” Curran said.

Evervault has raised 19m within the year.

The firms backing the project are Index Ventures, as well as Sequoia Capital, Kleiner Perkins, and Dublin firm, Frontline. Investors include Alex Stamos, the former fata security chief of Yahoo and Facebook, Kevin Hartz, CEO of Eventbrite, and Olivier Pomel, CEO of Datadog.


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