Personal-finance expert Dave Ramsey conducted a survey of over 10,000 American millionaires, results at link.

Dave Ramsey's of Ramsey Solutions conducted a survey of over 10,000 American millionaires and found some interesting similarities.

  1. 79% didn't receive an inheritance

  2. 69% never averaged a six-figure salary from their careers

  3. 88% went to college

  4. 80% had a 401(k)

Setting up a 401(k) is easy. Simply choose the percentage of your salary you want to contribute and set it up through your employer. After that it's mostly automatic, as the money comes out of your paycheck each month before you even receive it. Alternative options are available for those who don't have a workplace 401(k) available. These accounts build wealth over time, through contributions, matching, and compound interest. Compound interest adds interest on top of interest, building in size with time.

The data shows that 3/4 of millionaires said their success was a result of consistently saving over a number of years. According to the data, the average millionaire spends 28 years working, investing, and saving before reaching $1 million.

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