Wyoming Bill Classifies Secular Humanism As A Religion

Davidlud/Wikimedia Commons/CC

This same bill would discriminate against same-sex marriages by legally referring to such unions as ‘parody marriages’.

The Marriage and Constitution Restoration Act, sponsored by Wyoming State Rep. Lars Lone and co-sponsored by State Rep. Roy Edwards - both Republican - tries to sidestep laws protecting LGBTQ rights by claiming that they are part of secular humanist ideology, and secular humanism is a religion.

So effectually, acknowledging the rights of the LGBTQ community - from same-sex marriage to transgender bathroom rights - is tantamount to state-sponsored religion.

The argument is ridiculous and unconstitutional, making it unlikely the measure will become law. But for the record, here is the key text of the bill, courtesy of the Friendly Atheist:

All forms of parody marriage and all nonheterosexual sexual orientations or self asserted sex based identify narratives that fail to check out with the human design are part of the religion of secular humanism;

All forms of parody marriage erode community standards of decency, and this state has a compelling interest to uphold community standards of decency as set forth under the Wyoming Constitution;

The state of Wyoming shall no longer respect, endorse or recognize any parody marriage policies because such policies constitute nonsecular state action;

The state of Wyoming shall no longer enforce, recognize or respect any policies that treat self asserted sexual orientation as a suspect class because such policies constitute nonsecular state action.