WHO are those that rummage through a neighborhood, to recruit a congregation?
The 'faithful'.
WHO are those who will force your hand in prayer, when you tell them that you're atheist & don't want their christian literature?
(This has happened to me personally, while residing in the "Buckle of the bible belt"!)
The 'faithful'.
WHO are those that attempt to force "CREATIVE DESIGN" in our schools?
The 'faithful'.

Here we go again!
EVERYTIME a republican holds office, the EVIL-JELLYcals come out of the wood work to force their simple minded beliefs on others.
Then these simpletons wonder why atheists comment as they do!?

History clearly documents how the christian klan has killed MANY human beings, based on their stupid, illogical beliefs.
They also support those who molest children or commit crimes against our nation, ONLY IF & WHEN they are WHITE!
(See: tRump, Roy Moore, David Duke, along w/all the other self proclaimed christian wack jobs!)

I'm a PASTAFARIAN and I believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster!


Atheism And Secularism