In a survey of 40,000 people in over 50-states, the Public Religion Research Institute found that White Evangelical Protestants much less likely to believe that African-Americans face significant discrimination.

The percentage of Republicans who believe African-Americans do not face significant discrimination nearly mirrors the percentage of White Evangelical Protestants who believe the same (65% vs. 60%). This indicates that there is likely significant overlap between both groups. Both groups, by-and-large, support President Trump.

1.“Only half (50%) of white Americans believe blacks face a lot of discrimination, while roughly as many (47%) say this is not the case. Majorities of black Americans (85%), Hispanics (66%), mixed-race Americans (64%), and Asian-Pacific Islander (API) Americans (55%) say blacks face significant levels of discrimination today.”

2.“Republicans largely reject the idea that black Americans face a great deal of discrimination today. Fewer than one-third (32%) of Republicans believe blacks face a lot of discrimination in society, compared to roughly two-thirds (65%) who say they do not.”

3.“In contrast, nearly six in ten (58%) political independents and more than three-quarters (77%) of Democrats agree blacks experience a great deal of discrimination.”

4.“White Christians are generally less likely than other religious groups and the religiously unaffiliated to say that blacks experience significant discrimination. Only slightly more than one-third (36%) of white evangelical Protestants believe there is a lot of discrimination against blacks in the U.S. today, while six in ten (60%) disagree.”