Trump Pastor: Give Me $229 And I'll Tell You How To 'Defeat Your Enemies'

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"I decree a prophetic instruction for a SUDDEN DEFEAT OVER YOUR ENEMIES! Victory is yours."

Pastor Paula White, the spiritual adviser of President Donald Trump who recently joined his White House, sent an email to her followers promising they would receive “prophetic instruction” on how to defeat their enemies if they send $229 to her ministry.

According to Newsweek, White said in the email that she has "prayerfully focused on November as a month for a victory over enemies” and informed her faithful followers that dark spiritual forces are keeping them from "complete breakthrough in every area of your life."

"I decree a prophetic instruction for a SUDDEN DEFEAT OVER YOUR ENEMIES! Victory is yours," White wrote. But that “defeat” comes with a price tag: $229.

“In order to receive White's instructions on defeating enemies,” Newsweek reported, “the televangelist asks followers to pay $229, which she says is ‘in accordance with’ 1 Chronicles 22:9 in the Bible. The verse speaks about peace and rest from enemies.”

The “teaching series” includes information on the "legal maneuvering of the spirit realms,” and White’s followers will also receive anointing oil that the Trump pastor claims to have personally prayed over.

"I need you to apply the anointing oil to your head, loved ones, house, vehicle, even your checkbook- anywhere you feel attack!!" the email says.

Just two weeks ago, White was appointed to head the White House's new Faith & Opportunity Initiative, which Trump established year via executive order.

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With some of the most fossil-fuel-friendly conservative politicians (and even commentators) attending weekly church services yet still insisting upon government funding actions benefiting but those already with the most, I can imagine Christ, judging from his own words, looks upon these guys, rolls his eyes then sighs, “With ‘Christians’ like them, who needs devil worshipers? Geeze, with such coal-hearted policies, they’re really giving me a bad name! …. And for conservatives, they sure pollute my planet most liberally!” (Frank Sterle Jr.)

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