Trump Pastor Asks People For ‘Best Atonement Offerings’ On Judaism’s Holiest Day


Judaism's holiest day apparently is the perfect opportunity for Christians to send their money to Paula White.

For President Donald Trump’s spiritual adviser, Yom Kippur is but another opportunity to swindle her followers out of their hard earned money, according to Right Wing Watch.

Evangelical Pastor Paul White urged people to send her their “best atonement offerings” for the occasion — also known as the Day of Atonement — with the promise that God would send them “seven specific promises” in return.

Upon clicking the link in White’s tweet, potential donors are taken to a website where the evangelical attempts to explain the Day of Atonement, making sure to communicate that it requires sending monetary gifts to hers truly.

“The Day of Atonement also gives you the freedom to receive SEVEN SPECIFIC PROMISES from God. The blessings that follow are reserved for those who are obedient to His holiest day and commandment,” the website reads.

Included in those blessings are “financial abundance” and “miracles.”

White also says she will pray for the urgent needs of those who contact her, but her prayers require a downpayment:

“The second thing you need to know about the Day of Atonement is that: IT IS A DAY OF OFFERING AND SACRIFICE! “MEET WITH ME AND HONOR ME,” saith the Lord. In this opportunity for oneness with the Almighty, God commands “…and they shall not appear before the Lord empty-handed. Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord your God which He has given you” (Deuteronomy 16:16-17). Every individual was commanded as they sought reconciliation and redemption to bring their VERY BEST SACRIFICIAL OFFERING to covenant with God. I want you to send your very best Day of Atonement offering, along with your prayer request right away, using the enclosed envelope. On October 9th, like the high priest, I’ll take your offering and needs before the Lord as a sweet savor, believing for a release of HIS SEVEN BLESSINGS OF THE ATONEMENT into your life!”

RWW noted that a “best atonement offering” of $100 or more will earn givers “not only a book and four-disc ‘message series’ but also a ‘beautiful custom replica of the Ark of the Covenant.’”

Anyone who can do better — giving White at least $200 — will also receive a “ram’s horn shofar, which are now inevitably heard at religious right events.”

“God’s promises of blessings do not depend on circumstances. They depend on obedience,” White concludes. “God established the Day of Atonement so that you would be able to be at-one with Him in Spirit. MEET WITH HIM ON HIS MERCY SEAT and move into that special covenant starting today by sending me your prayer request and your sacrificial Day of Atonement offering as you honor Him on October 9th!”

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