Today, 64% Of Americans Are ‘Convinced’ God Exists, Compared To 80% A Decade Ago


The number of Americans who are certain that God exists has dropped significantly over the past decade.

Just over a decade ago, nearly 80 percent of Americans said they were “convinced” that God is real when asked by Gallup, but a recent analysis shows only 64 percent of Americans say the same today.

According to Gallup’s analysis, it matters significantly how the question is posed: 87 percent of people said yes when asked, “Do you believe in God”; that number dropped to 64 percent when they were asked if they were “convinced” that God exists.

“The array of Gallup results leads to the conclusion that putting a percentage on Americans’ belief in God depends on how you define ‘belief.’ If the standard is absolute certainty — no hedging and no doubts — it’s somewhere around two-thirds. If the standard is a propensity to believe rather than not to believe, then the figure is somewhere north of three-quarters,” Gallup’s Zach Hrynowski observed.

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