The Duggars Won’t Say ‘Deviled Eggs’ Out Of Fear Of Conjuring Satan

Courtesy of TLC

For those who dislike the term “deviled eggs,” the newly coined “Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs” might be more suitable.

The Duggar family, the stars of the now-canceled hit TLC television show 19 Kids and Counting, recently posted a picture of themselves preparing deviled eggs—except, instead of calling them “deviled eggs,” they captioned them "Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs."

According to Buzzfeed, the caption of the photo read, “Made some “Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs” together with Johannah and Jordyn! They’re one of our favorites!”

And even though the word “deviled” is an 18th century term used to refer to spicy or zesty foods, several individuals in the comments were enthusiastic about the new terminology.

“I love the name! Why give the devil any more popularity when his works already run rampant in our society. (Just sayin),” one person wrote.

Another comment read, "That is such a GREAT name for them. I always had a hard time calling them deviled eggs! Thank you for the GREAT alternative!!”

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I refuse to believe there are more than just the duggers thus stupid