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The Diocese of Covington in Kentucky has agreed to create a fund of $120 million to settle a lawsuit on priests committing sexual abuse. According to the Washington Post, the fund is far greater than the $85 million spent by the Boston Archdiocese in the 2003 case.

However, these statements are misleading, as individual victims would be receiving considerably less. For victims in the Covington case, their compensation would range from $5000 to $450,000. In a similar case in Orange County, California compensation ranged from $500,000 to $4 million.

"It's unfair to victims all across America to suggest that 100 or 200 victims in Covington are going to share $120 million, when in fact they will receive far less. To jump out into the news media with these numbers creates false expectations among victims and a sense of remorse and unhappiness among those who have already settled." -William McMurry, plaintiffs’ lawyer in Kentucky

The diocese reported that 205 allegations were made against 35 priests. A spokesman for the diocese also stated that the announcement of the funds was “necessarily imprecise” since it is unknown how many plaintiffs will come out in the case.