Texas Priest Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Woman During Her Last Rites

Reverend Gerold LangschAustin Police Department

Police report: “The victim was in shock, uncomfortable and very confused about what the suspect was doing.”

According to the Daily Beast, a 75-year-old Catholic Priest in Texas was arrested for alleged sexually assaulting a woman during her last rites.

Reverend Gerold Langsch was brought to the woman’s home, where she suffered from complications of diabetes.

Langsch anointed her with holy water, and then allegedly touched her inappropriately. Following the alleged assault, the priest allegedly asked his accuser tif it felt “good.” Police reported that “The victim was in shock, uncomfortable and very confused about what the suspect was doing. She described the feeling like a ‘nasty, dirty piece of meat.’”

Langsch was arrested and then posted bail of $15,000. He was ordered not to contact the woman.

Langsch, a pastor at St. Paul’s Catholic Church since November 2015, was also a chaplain for The Knights of Columbus’ Austin chapter from 2017 to 2018. The Diocese of Austin released a statement saying that Langsch was removed as the pastor for St. Paul’s Catholic Church.

“He is no longer able to serve as a priest in the Diocese of Austin,” the statement reads.

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I'm sick of Christian apologists and enablers who claim "He's not a true Christian." This gang has a LONG history of sexual abuses and cover-ups...from their earliest history.


Perhaps it's time at long last for the Church to change its attitude about sexuality and pleasure. Thinking one becomes "like a nasty, dirty piece of meat" when something feels good is a perversion of the worst kind. Celebrating celibacy is a consequence of being anti-sexual. Being anti-sexual is rooted in thinking one is "guilty" of sin for experiencing sexual pleasure. Pope Francis must quickly write an encyclical celebrating sexual pleasure as sacred and holy especially to give, but certainly to receive. Celibacy should be completely optional among the clergy.