Televangelist Leads Congregation In Healing Their Bodies: "I Call My Body Well"


Kenneth Copeland spent seven minutes walking the crowd through "calling well" their entire bodies.

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland, well known for the multi-million dollar private jet he convinced his followers to buy him, spent seven full minutes during a Washington, D.C., event instructing the audience in healing their own bodies.

According to Friendly Atheist, Copeland was speaking at his “Washington D.C. Victory Campaign 2019” when he led the crowd in “what appears to be a Christian version of “Simon Says,” asking God to heal all body parts, one at a time, by saying ‘I call my body well.’”

From eyes to toes and nearly everything in between, Copeland and his followers touched each part of their bodies, apparently believing that God would heal and protect them.

Friendly Atheist reminded readers that along with convincing his people to purchase a private jet for his ministry “needs” (Copeland said he needed to avoid getting “in a long tube with a bunch of demons”), the televangelist also asked for another $2.5 million for “upgrades.”

Watch Copeland play holy Simon Says at about the 1:15:18 mark in the video below:

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