Televangelist Jim Bakker: The American Left Is Under ‘Massive Demon Possession’

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Televangelist Jim Bakker said on Thursday that "America has gone crazy," thanks to the demonic left.

America is off its rocker and those on the left are to blame, according to televangelist Jim Bakker — in fact, Democrats are literally possessed by demons, he said.

Right Wing Watch picked up a portion of Thursday’s episode of “The Jim Bakker Show,”during which Bakker and his guest, Pastor Rick Renner, opined on the issues plaguing America today.

“I want to tell you people today, America has gone crazy,” Bakker said. “I believe much of politics today, especially those that have gone out on an extreme—I’ll say left, they are way left—I believe there is a massive demon possession in the political realm today.”

Renner agreed, adding that hell has “found a voice” in both the political left and the American media.

“It’s like Hell found a voice. Hell is speaking through the political system today and through the media,” Renner said. “It is amazing what is happening to the media, it is just wicked what is taking place. It should not be permitted. I think about Jesus; Jesus told the demons to shut up and I think we need to take authority over all these voices and command them to be still, in Jesus’ name.”

Watch the clip here.

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Stephen Alucard
Stephen Alucard

Why isn't this grifter still in prison??

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