Self-Proclaimed Prophet: When Trump Is Re-Elected, He’ll Reveal Cure For Cancer


Mark Taylor said "a lot of these cures are already here," and Trump is simply going to release them after 2020.

Self-proclaimed prophet Mark Taylor said this week that President Donald Trump will reveal the cure for cancer when he is elected to a second term, according to Right Wing Watch.

Taylor said the cure already exists but has been kept hidden by the pharmaceutical industry. Trump, apparently, will step in to make the cure public. Taylor offered no explanation for why the president would wait until his second term, when people suffering from the disease are dying today.

"I think there's going to be a lot of cures come out" during Trump's second term, Taylor said. "We've had cures for cancer. There's a guy I saw 25, 30 years ago that had a cure for a brain tumor. It was literally one pill. It would dissolve the tumor within 24 to 48 hours. [Big pharma] shut him down so fast, it was not even funny."

"A lot of these cures are already here," Taylor said, "but they're going to be released" if Trump wins re-election.



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