Second Mississippi Candidate For Governor Says He Won’t Meet With Women Alone


The “Billy Graham rule”: avoid sexual temptation by refusing to be alone with any woman who is not your wife.

Former state Supreme Court Justice Bill Waller Jr., a Republican running for governor of Mississippi, says that he adheres to the “Billy Graham rule” because it’s “common sense”, according to HuffPost

The “Billy Graham rule” mandates that one must not be alone with any woman who is not his wife, a rule that Vice President Mike Pence follows. The rule applies to both personal and professional contexts, yet critics argue that the practice preserves the sexist ideology that women only exist to fulfill men’s sexual appetites. 

“I just think in this day and time, appearances are important and transparency’s important, and people need to have the comfort of what’s going on in government between employees and people,” Waller said. 

During the 22 years Waller served as a state Supreme Court justice, he made sure that there was another law clerk or staff in the room.

Another Mississippi candidate, state Representative Robert Foster (R), made headlines last week when he refused to allow journalist Larrison Campbell shadow his campaign based on her gender. 

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