A passionate group of constituents and protesters alike greeted Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) at a meeting in Fairview, Tenn., on Tuesday afternoon.

About 130 prescreened people filled Fairview City Hall to hear Blackburn’s remarks. The city’s website said the event was open only to residents (population 8,000) who had reserved seats.

What began as a relatively sedate meeting at times escalated sharply as Blackburn fielded numerous questions, many about health care and the future of the Affordable Care Act.

After a brief overview of her legislative agenda, during which she affirmed her desire to “phase out” the ACA, Blackburn opened the floor to questions from the public.

The first question came from a constituent who said he was “concerned about oversight in Washington,” specifically the elevation of Steve Bannon, whom he identified as “a notorious white nationalist,” to the National Security Council.

Blackburn initially deflected, saying only, “I don’t speak for the president,” then, after saying she had personally had no problems interacting with Bannon, added, “I am not aware that he’s taken anybody’s place on the NSC.”

Pratik Dash, a Franklin High alumnus, asked the representative to comment on Trump’s statement that he wants to prioritize refugees who are Christian.

“Is it right to prioritize people based on their religion?” he asked, to applause from the crowd.

Instead of answering the question directly, Blackburn launched into a discussion of refugees and the need for more vetting, prompting Dash to ask again, “Do you think it’s right to prioritize people based on their religion? Yes or no?”

“I know that Christians have seen incredible persecution,” Blackburn replied, prompting another chorus of boos.