Republican Lawmaker: It’s ‘Impossible’ To Separate Church From State

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Rep. Jay Steagall (R-Yukon) also said the founding fathers urged urged against the separation of church and state.

An Oklahoma state lawmaker argued on Tuesday that the country’s founding fathers said Americans should not attempt to separate church and state, and further, he said, it is an impossible task to begin with.

Rep. Jay Steagall, R-Yukon, offered as proof the fact that “In God We Trust” is written on American currency.

“Our government is based on the idea that our inalienable rights are granted to us by our creator,” Steagall said, according to Tulsa World. “It is impossible to separate church from state. And our founders said we should not do that, actually.”

The Republican’s comments came as he presented House Bill 3817, which would require that “In God We Trust” also be displayed “prominently” in all of Oklahoma’s state-owned buildings.

The bill further states that the “placement and size of (each) display shall be in keeping with the placement and size of the display of the national motto in the United States Capitol Visitor Center,” which is 4 feet high and 70 feet wide.

Steagall’s assertion that the founding fathers were against the separation of church and state would not sit well with historians, who say the founders disagreed on the issue.

“Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the phrase to which Steagall referred, also coined the phrase ‘separation of church and state’ and was one of its staunchest supporters,” Tulsa World noted.

“In God We Trust” did not become the country’s motto until 1956.

Steagall’s bill advanced out of the House Rules Committee with a 5-2 vote and will now head to the House floor.

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Any legislator who hasn't read Jefferson's Letter to Danbury Baptists is COMPLETELY IGNORANT AND UNREAD.


Sad a legislator that couldn't pass a grade school history test.


Send this to all government officials sites, screen shoot it (and tell them) for legal purposes, and if blocked or deleted, Report to ACLU and FFRF They will sue!

Get your State sponsorship of a religion off of the tax-funded public sites/service vehicles!

Your city will be sued and you will lose the case and money - The People's money - and AFTER you have been fairly warned of the consequences!

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