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A North Carolina pastor was issued a court appearance for misdemeanor assault after being accused of urinating on a woman during a Delta Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Detroit, according to The Charlotte Observer.

Daniel Chalmers acknowledged having “a couple of drinks” before the Oct. 12 flight departed Las Vegas for Detroit, and that he was taking “prescribed medicine,” according to a police report released late Monday to The Charlotte Observer and other news outlets.

Chalmers and his wife, Shara Lea Chalmers, lead Love Wins Ministries in Raleigh. Chalmers also is on staff at Catch the Fire Raleigh-Durham church, according to his bio on

  • According to the police report, Chalmers' eyes were bloodshot and he reeked of alcohol when officers detained him after the flight.
  • Also per the police report, the victim “woke up feeling something warm on her body and when she looked up to her right, she observed Mr. Chalmers standing next to her shaking his exposed penis. (She) stated that she then noticed that Mr. Chalmers urinated on her and she started screaming.”

A police officer who happened to be in the emergency row said he asked the victim what happened, and she replied: “He peed on me!,” according to the police report.

“I then asked Chalmers: “What did you do?” and he replied, “I peed on her, I thought I was going to the bathroom,” the officer said in the report.

  • Chalmers reportedly later denied having urinated on the woman, claiming to an officer: “I’m a pastor, that is out of my character and I didn’t do it.”
  • On his way off the plane, according to the police report, Chalmers threated to sue Delta Airlines “for defamation of character for their treatment of him."

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