Public School Hosted Creationists Who Said T-Rexes Lived On Noah’s Ark


The Creation Truth Foundation to grade school students that dinosaurs were on Noah's ark and evolution is a myth.

Parents of grade school students in Effingham, Illinois were upset after the school hosted a creationist group that told the children dinosaurs were on Noah's ark.

Local news station WAND 17 reports that Central Grade School hosted a Saturday morning event last month that was billed as an educational event about dinosaurs that included real-life dinosaur fossils.

Some parents who attended the event were dismayed, however, when the hosts began injecting unscientific religious statements into their presentation.

The event was put on by the Creation Truth Foundation, a nonprofit organization that specializes in creationism and links high divorce rates with the teaching of evolution in schools. One parent said the group told students that dinosaurs were on Noah's ark:

“[They said] tyrannosaurus rexes ate vegetables,” parent Jeanette Bushur told WAND 17. “[They said] there were dinosaurs with Noah on the ark and that evolution was a myth.”

Brian Poelker, an Effingham resident, wrote to the Effingham Daily News blasting the school for allowing creationists to peddle religion at the expense of students' scientific understanding:

“Our elementary school teachers have the difficult task of laying down the science foundation for our children,” he wrote. “Standards are in place to help these young students become scientifically literate as they progress through the grade levels. The school board and administration needs to provide the guidance and materials to help students, through their teachers, meet the requirements of the Illinois State Science Standards.”