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Pro-Trump pastor Lance Wallnau said during a recent Facebook livestream that those who are fighting against President Trump are fighting against God himself, Right Wing Watch reports.

“I think Americans on the left are striving, they’re fighting with their maker. Fighting with Trump is fighting with God. This will really get them all torqued. They’re fighting God because they’re fighting Trump.”

“Not because Trump is Mr. Perfect, it’s because the Lord anointed him to be a wrecking ball. And he’s doing what he’s supposed to do—to pull down, to tear down​ so that he can build and plant.”

“And all of the animosity, hatred, venom, and vitriol that is stirred up is nothing more than the unsanctified flesh in the resident hidden demons that are inside of journalists, looking for a way to express themselves.​”

Wallnau also said he hoped that Trump’s coronavirus illness would generate sympathy among suburban women who “consider him a rough man, an aggressive man” and are “turned off by his masculinity.”

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