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Pastor Robert Jeffress, a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump, said last week that Democrats who want to help lift Americans out of poverty are “worshipping an imaginary Jesus,” according to the Friendly Atheist.

Speaking on Fox Business, Jeffress also said the Democratic presidential candidates are “on the wrong side of just about every faith issue.”

“A couple of the candidates could spout off some Bible verses [during the recent debate], but in their answers, they all demonstrated they’re on the wrong side of just about every faith issue, whether it’s school choice, religious freedom, Israel, and certainly the abortion issue,” he said during his appearace on “Lou Dobbs Tonight.”

Continuing, he railed against the progressive policies Democrats are promoting, insisting that Jesus was not a socialist.

“A lot of people want to argue that Jesus was a socialist,” Jeffress said. “They’re worshipping an imaginary Jesus, not the Jesus of the Bible. I mean Jesus did say we ought to care for the poor, yes we should, but He also said, ‘The poor, you will have with you always.’ You don’t hear that quoted very much. There’s a better way than socialism… to care for the truly needy.”

Jeffress appears to be taking Jesus’ words as permission to ensure that poverty continues to exist, suffering poor people be damned.