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Right-wing pastor and conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles has shifted gears in explaining the coronavirus pandemic, abandoning his prior theory that it was a sign of the Last Days to now claim it is a conspiracy perpetrated by China and the Democrats.

  • According to Right Wing Watch, Wiles insisted repeatedly for months “that a ‘death angel’ was sweeping across the globe and that an End Times plague was targeting those who opposed Christianity.”
  • But the end never came, and Wiles is now promoting the conspiracy theory that “Democrats had worked with the Chinese government to spread the virus in order to wreck the American economy and defeat President Donald Trump in November’s election,” RWW reported.

“The economy of the United States was red hot,” Wiles said. “They knew they could not defeat him with that economy. The only way to defeat him was to destroy the economy, meaning put millions of people out of work, cause suffering. Do I believe that the Democrats actually conspired with China to do it? Yes. Yes, I do. I believe that they’re that evil and diabolical.”

“Anybody that would support the murder of babies is certainly capable of destroying the economy of a nation,” he continued. “Once you go down that road that you support killing babies, and you support same-sex marriage, and you start going down that line of rebellion, you’re capable of doing anything. There are no limits of what you would do, so why do we rule out the idea that they would conspire with China to destroy the American economy? That’s exactly what I believe that they did.”