During a recent appearance on “The Jim Bakker Show,” Religious Right activist Mary Colbert asserted that climate change is the result of human sin and is being manipulated by Satan to influence humanity, according to Right Wing Watch.

On the show, Colbert said, “The devil knows what is in the word of God. I truly believe that because he knows what the word says—that toward the End Times, earthquakes, tornadoes, storms, all these things are going to happen as the birth pangs of the return of Jesus Christ—now the enemy is trying to change that narrative for the mindset of the people that this has to do with climate change, so that they can believe it’s something outside of their control that is happening.”

“The thing that man needs to do is repent,” Colbert continued. “Repentance would delay things, but because of this hard-heartedness and evil that is increasing, the birth pangs of the earth are getting worse. It has nothing to do with coal, it has nothing to do with climate change, it has to do with the sin nature that’s increasing in the earth.”

Colbert and her husband were both listed as being some of the “Christian leaders” supporting Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

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