Priest Arrested For Possession Of Child Pornography And Illegal Drugs

Screengrab/6 On Your Side/YouTube

The retired 72-year-old priest wrote in online chats that he had "desires to rape and kill children".

A retired priest in Boise, Idaho has been arrested for possession of child pornography and illegal drugs.

Neighbors of W. Thomas Faucher, who lives just a block away from the local elementary school, have been keeping their children inside since his release.

Faucher, 72, a retired priest at Saint Mary’s Church in Boise, was arrested Friday on 12 charges related to having or distributing child pornography, and two counts of drug possession. All but the drug charges are felonies. Prosecutors claimed Monday that investigators found hundreds of images of child pornography, online chats where Faucher spoke of “desires to rape and kill children,” and drugs including marijuana, ecstasy and LSD.

After spending the weekend in jail, Faucher posted bond and was released with instructions to stay away from children and the internet, but his neighbors have become anxious about his presence:

His arrest and subsequent release on bail have shaken his neighbors. The streets nearby are home to several families with young children who eagerly run to each other’s homes after school.

“No kids have been walking around, and it’s 60-something degrees,” said neighbor Tina Johnson, who was baptized by Faucher but said she has no relationship with him now.