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A new Pew Research Center poll reveals that most white evangelical Christians in the U.S. believe President Donald Trump is a moral, honest and intelligent person, Friendly Atheist noted this week.

Asked how well “morally upstanding” describes the president, 61 percent of white evangelicals said the phrase characterizes Trump “very well” or “fairly well.” Among the general population? Just 32 percent say the same.

And despite the more than 16,000 lies Trump has told since taking office, 69 percent of white evangelicals said the term “honest” describes Trump “very well” or “fairly well” — compared to 36 percent of the public at large.

As for the president’s “very, very large brain,” 83 percent of white evangelicals surveyed agreed that Trump is “intelligent.”

“It’s incredible that white Christians spent decades wearing the hat of ‘family values,’” Friendly Atheist noted. “But when they finally get all the power they ever wanted, the values disappeared entirely and they fully caved in to a man who doesn’t give a damn about them, lives in opposition to their stated beliefs, and knows exactly how to wrap them around his little fingers.”

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