Police: Priest Stole $100K In Order To Pay Sex Workers From Grindr


Rev. Joseph McLoone of Pennsylvania allegedly stole nearly $100,000 in church donations and used some to pay for sex.

A 56-year-old Pennsylvania priest was arrested this week for allegedly stealing almost $100,000 from church donations to pay men he met on Grindr for sex, according to the New York Post.

The Rev. Joseph McLoone faces felony theft and related charges, the newspaper reported.

Investigators uncovered a secret checking account McLoone opened in 2011 where he would deposit donations from church goers, which he then moved to an unauthorized “St. Joseph Activity Account” to use for his own purposes.

Over the course of six years, the priest stole $98,405, Chester County district attorney chief of staff Charles Gaza said.

McLoone reportedly admitted to using some of the money he stole to pay for “personal relationships” with other men, including “including $1,200 McLoone deposited into the commissary account of an inmate in a New York correctional facility.”

Though the inmate, named as Brian Miller in court documents, never lived in Pennsylvania or attended St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Downingtown, McLoone said he knew the man from Grindr and the two had engaged in a sexual relationship.

“McLoone separately made 17 payments totaling $1,720 to men he met on Grindr via the Square online payment app,” the Post said.

He also used some of the stolen funds to pay off his personal credit cards.

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