Pastor Tells Followers That He Caused Man To Grow Back Hand Lost In Vietnam

Pastor John Kilpatrick claims to have witnessed the missing hand of a Vietnam veteran regenerate during a revival.

Pastor John Kilpatrick appeared on Sid Roth’s weekly Christian show It’s Supernatural recently to wow the audience with the miraculous tale of watching a Vietnam veteran’s missing hand regrow during a revival.

Via Friendly Atheist:

… He was a Vietnam veteran, and they threw a grenade in on him, and he took that grenade and threw it out of the tent, and when he did, it exploded mid-air, but it blew part of his hand off*.*

It blew all the meat off… and he had a crippled hand. Well, his hand was growing back in that presence of God*.*

The audience applauds. And then — maybe the most shocking part about the entire exchange — Sid Roth moved on to a different topic! Not a single follow-up question!

Watch above (story begins at 4:20 mark).

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Missing body parts spontaneously growing back after decades of non-existence is well within the realm of possibilities, but I'm calling bullshit on his hair