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Pastor Jonathan Shuttlesworth believes the places in America that will see coronavirus outbreaks are those states that voted against President Donald Trump in the 2016 election, according to Right Wing Watch.

The right-wing pastor said other areas of the country will be protected against the virus, which globally has infected more than 88,000 people and killed over 3,000.

Shuttlesworth’s comments came as he predicted that “America will be minimally affected” by the global outbreak, due to Trump’s support for Israel.

“I exclude from my prediction the Pacific Northwest, California, and New York, because in a God honoring nation, those are four places that have chosen to give God the middle finger in the shape of an Empire State Building lit up in pink to celebrate the passage of the [legislation] that you can kill a baby,” the pastor said. “So if it did hit Washington state hard, with that government there, Oregon, with that government, California. Let me tell you: your government matters. If it hits New York, you will not see me surprised.”

Four more people died from the coronavirus in the Seattle area this week, bringing the total deaths in the U.S. to six. More than 80 cases have now been reported across the country.