Pastor Given Standing Ovation After Admitting To Sex Act With Teenager

The alleged victim calls what happened sexual assault. The Pastor claims it was an ‘incident’.

The Memphis are megachurch pastor recently accused of sexual assault received a standing ovation as he stood before his congregation and admitted to the charge.

Andy Savage’s confession before hundreds of members of the Highpoint Church comes just days after Jules Woodson accused the church leader of sexually assaulting her decades ago while he was youth minister at Woodlands Parkway Baptist Church in Texas.

Woodson, who was 17 at the time of the assault, opened up about the encounter on Friday with Watch Keep.

Savage indicated his belief that the issue was settled after it happened, but Woodson clearly felt differently. While she refers to what happened as sexual assault, her former youth minister calls it a "sexual incident".

Woodson in an interview with the New York Times said the video of Sunday’s service and the response to Savage was “disgusting.”

Woodson also told the newspaper she spoke on Monday with a detective in Texas, though it’s not clear whether a statute of limitations would apply.

In spite of his congregation's willingness to forgive, Savage is experiencing consequences for his past actions in other ways:

Christian publishing company Bethany House on Monday announced his forthcoming book “The Ridiculously good Marriage” had been canceled.