Online, Ken Ham Mocks Flat-Earthers For Being Anti-Science

AlexAntropov86 // Pixabay

A creationist says Flat-Earthers are not basing their beliefs in science.

In a strange twist of fate, known creationist Ken Ham ridicules Flat-Earthers online for their ridiculously un-scientific views.

Ham’s rant was sparked by a new documentary which details just how anti-science one anti-science group is, from the perspective of another anti-science group.

A quote from Ham found on the Friendly Atheist highlights his main points in the argument:

“Now, before you contact us to tell us the earth is flat, first, please watch this documentary. We’ve thoroughly researched the supposed biblical and scientific pieces of evidence presented in favor of such a (wrong) view. It simply isn’t taught in Scripture, and the science doesn’t support it (although, sadly, many Christians are being convinced by cherry-picked data that only shows part of the whole story and out of context).

If you know someone in the flat earth movement, I encourage you to share this documentary with them. And if you’re part of it, I respectfully encourage you to humbly view this film and reconsider your position.”

Ham is currently complaining about the deluge of people now asking him is he is a Flat-Earther. Funny what kind of audience is drawn when there is a total disregard for the truth.