Nearly Half of White Southerners Feel They Are Under Attack, Winthrop University Poll Finds

The Southern United States

Nearly half of white American poll respondents living in the South feel like they’re under attack, a new Winthrop U.

A recent Winthrop University poll checking in with Southern Americans to assess their attitudes toward race, religion, Confederate monuments, and the economy, found that nearly half of the South's white Americans feel they are under attack.

Overwhelmingly, Winthrop Poll respondents of all races across the South said all races should be treated equally, and that America should protect and preserve its multi-cultural heritage. Yet both whites and blacks felt uneasy regarding their relative safety and position in the country. When asked if white people were under attack, 46% of whites agreed or strongly agreed. And more than three-fourths of black respondents said racial minorities are currently under attack in the United States.

The poll also found discrepancies in how each demographic regards the role of religion in the country's founding:

Southern black residents are more likely to be religious than white residents, according to the latest Winthrop Poll, given in 11 Southern states, but are less likely to believe that America was founded as an explicitly Christian nation. Three-fourths of blacks surveyed said religion is important in their lives. Yet fewer blacks than whites agreed on the religious principles that the United States was founded on.

Other highlights from the survey:

30% of all respondents agreed that America must protect and preserve its White European heritage; more than half disagreed or strongly disagreed

43% of Southerners want to leave memorials to those who died in the Civil War where they are; 25% want to see a plaque added for context; another 25% said they should be moved to a museum

40% of respondents want to leave Confederate war hero statues where they are; 24% said add a plaque; 27% want them moved to museums

Nearly half of blacks want Confederate war hero statues moved to a museum, while a fourth want them removed completely

61% of whites think all people in the U.S. have equal chance to succeed if they work equally hard; 65% of black respondents disagreed

60% of black southerners strongly agreed that generations of slavery and discrimination have made upward mobility difficult for black people

Southern states included in the poll were Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

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They vote to destroy our nation and then complain about being under attack?!?


I'm sorry, I Iive in the South and these people have been whining ever since they took the Dukes of Hazzard off the air. The fact is that the vast majority of these people who worship the Confederacy would have been looked down on as poor white trash back in the 1800's and excluded from decent society. Just like they are now.


Yep...I live in the south and I feel under attack by racists, bigots, neo nazis and white supremacist.