Mr. a clergy colleague I implore you to please step away from the pulpit and the public square. Whatever you are preaching/teaching it is not the gospel and It's not the truth. Please stop covering for a man who wouldn't know the gospel if he tripped over it.

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Bldg Hrt Liberal RN
Bldg Hrt Liberal RN

Mr Graham, unfortunately you and your dad were isolationists and racists. Jesus did not want His word used to promote liars, adulterers, haters, opportunists or dictators. Jesus wanted us to LOVE EVERYONE...

By the way, the person you protect and forgive his ignorance or denial of repentance and humility is more like the ANTI-CHRIST...DEAR GOD- Taking healthcare from children and mentally ill folks!

God help you and all those who buy the rhetoric..

Atheism And Secularism