Mormon Leader To Poor Africans: Tithe To Our Church Or Remain Poor


Russell Marion Nelson, Sr. told poor people in Kenya that generational poverty is the result of failure to tithe.

The president of the Mormon Church had a word of advice to poor Africans on a recent trip to Kenya: God will lift you out of poverty if you tithe money to the church.

It is a lack of tithing that keeps people poor from generation to generation, Russell Marion Nelson, Sr. said while delivering his “message from the Lord.”

Via Progressive Secular Humanist:

“We preach tithing to the poor people of the world because the poor people of the world have had cycles of poverty, generation after generation. That same poverty continues from one generation to another, until people pay their tithing.”

Nelson’s words are not overly shocking, however, given the church’s extreme emphasis on tithing in general, even when handing over one’s hard-earned dollars might result in going hungry:

For example, at the April 2017 General Conference, one Mormon leader told the gathering of the faithful that the financial needs of the church come before everything else, even feeding your family.

Speaking at the annual conference, Elder Valeri V. Cordóntold a story about how his father chose to tithe before providing food for his hungry and poverty stricken family, suggesting that one should pay the church, even if it means your family starves.

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